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Kick The Buddy Cheats

Kick The Buddy Cheats

kick the buddy cheats

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kick the buffy cheats

Some information about Tool.

Kick The Buddy Cheats is a fully legal tool.App working on iOS , Android and PC.All in One pack (Mobile and PC)

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About Game
Parents need to know that Kick the Buddy Cheats: No Mercy is an app that encourages players to torture and maim a talking stuffed doll for entertainment purposes. Users can stretch the doll’s arms and legs and separate its head from its body, shoot it with guns, poison it, use medieval weapons on it, or blow it up again and again, all with the goal of earning points. The violence is meant to be humorous, but the doll does show signs of suffering and does “die” in the game for short periods. The developer requires users to be 13 or older to use the app.